VMR Motorsports
AVintage racing continues to be a passion at VMR. Our sponsorship of two well recognized cars, a three time national SCCA championship C sports racer and a 1929 Ford board track car expose VMR customers to a winning combination of heritage and authenticity that translate into the high standards and quality embodied in every restoration we pursue. Winning isn’t everything…it is the only thing!

1964 Merlyn Arachnid at Road Atlanta 2002 1964 Merlyn Mk6 at Road Atlanta 2003
1964 Elva-Porsche Mk 7S at Daytona 2004
Elva Porsche Then & Now
Case study of a Elva Porsche restoration... Read More
1963 Merlyn Mk 4A at VIR 2006 1963 Merlyn Mk 4A at Savannah 2006
1963 Merlyn Mk 4A at Road America, Elkhart Lake, WS 2006
1979 March Formula Atlantic at Road Atlanta 2007 1964 Merlyn Mk6 at VIR 2008
1929 Ford Special at Savannah 2008 PCA
Parade Autocross
Road Atlanta
Darlington Historics
Savannah-Roebling Road 2010
Pittsburgh Vintage Gran Prix 2009/2010

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