What We Do
Our success is based on a five step plan:

• Thorough and complete documentation including research of standards, initial analysis of work required, parts and materials to be resourced, development of a general work plan with timing, and a rough estimate of cost.
• Begin dismantling, bagging and tagging all parts removed, photo document repairs needed, revising cost and timing for the project.
• Launch the restoration phase including mechanical and structural repairs, sourcing of parts, outsourcing services of long term repairs such as chrome plating, delicate gauge renewal, and other specialized services.
• Body work and painting, interior and upholstery, electrical and mechanical including rebuilding subsystems as needed (engine, transmission, drive line components).
• Quality assurance, final detailing, system checks and customer delivery.

How We Do What We Do
From the ground up...

It all starts when the customer’s car arrives at our facility. It is assigned a work area where photographic documentation is compared to research from the extensive VMR library authenticating the originality of each component. An initial road test is performed when possible including a thorough component inspection and photo documentation. A report is prepared for the owner along with a description of the condition and a detailed itemization of work with a staged contract for milestone completion and payment.

All by hand...

Every vehicle receives the same attention to detail. Disassembly begins and each part is tagged for refurbishment or rebuilding. Nothing is overlooked from polishing engine bolts to painting individual suspension parts. We also maintain a fully equipped machine shop for repairing irreplaceable parts including the most unsalvageable sheet metal and trim. Wooden frames are created from the finest ash, glued and screwed. Metalwork is hand-hammered and filed using body solders for perfect surface preparation of exacting fabrication and repairs.

Internal perfection...

Every drive train is rebuilt to exacting specifications. Skilled mechanical restoration technicians measure and inspect every component before it is balanced, synchronized, or tuned. Modern techniques are melded with ‘old world’ designs to yield reliability of assembly and performance.

Finishing touches...

After patient preparation for quality painting and detailing, the exterior paint color is matched using computer analysis for single or two stage applications. The upholstery is tailored from hand selected hides matching the original color, texture, and design. Even the bottom panel treatments match the same level of perfection as the topside. When completed, the result blends richness and aroma with luster achieved only from the beauty of a mirror finish.

The Final Product...

After a 100% final inspection, the delivery to the customer completes the magic of craftsmanship and delivers more than the excitement of expectation. A gleaming, fully restored classic motorcar is presented in the ambiance of its renewal. Elegance, structure, design, and engineering yield nothing short of perfection.

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