Finishing Touches
The mystery of detailing is probably best described by what might be termed the magic of exterior buffing. We have all tried every major brand of wax and polishes only to be disappointed by the end result. Following the directions on the bottle helps but there is nothing like the finish that comes from a good machine buffing.... Read More
Spray and Wash
Procter and Gamble promote a great product that removes tough stains from your favorite jeans or T-shirt but is there anything that can stop the oil that leaks from somewhere inside my engine compartment.... Read More
Which Oils Are Right For Your 356 Engine?
The push rod engine used in the 356 is characterized by its flat tappet cam design for opening the overhead valves. What this means is that a tappet or cam follower rides against the cam shaft and is activated by the cam lobe to move the push rod, raise and lower the rocker arm to open and close the valve.... Read More
Fuelish Gasoline and Ethanol
Whatever brand of gasoline you are buying most likely is blended with ethanol. Driving green or so the government wants you to believe has it good points and its bad that is until you consider the effect ethanol and flex fuels have on vintage cars... Read More

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