1963 Porsche 356B Coupe

The star of the TV series, Vampire Diaries, this red coupe recently scored high performance marks while stunt drivers put it through the paces of a near crash scene. VMR maintains both the mechanical condition and the appearance of this very special TV star. Click here to see the scene.

Children’s Health Care Christmas Parade Participation

VMR provides WSB TV with a Ford Model A Phaeton to transport its two characters, Hope and Will, in this seasonal parade through the downtown streets of Atlanta. The Parade is televised live giving VMR valuable advertising exposure. Click here to view video.

Vintage Racing

Our VMR Merlyn sports racer competed in the VDCA vintage race at Virginia International Raceway in April. Placing first in class and second overall this is the best outing for VMR in this series. VMR was able to display its new trailer graphic identity achieving a high level of name recognition among participants.

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